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Intellectual Property Commercialization Process

Step #1First, if your research has resulted in a discovery that you believe may be patentable, you are required to fill out the Invention Disclosure Form and submit it to the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) in Suite 321 of the Administration Building or save it onto your computer and email it to

Step #2 Next the OGC will consult with commercialization experts and patent counsel to determine the commercialization and patent prospects for your disclosed invention. The OGC will present these findings to the Intellectual Property Committee (IPC), who will determine whether the University will invest resources in attempting to patent and commercialize the disclosed invention.

Step #3 If it is determined by the IPC that the invention is patentable and marketable, the Office of the General Counsel and the Intellectual Property Committee will need your cooperation with our patent attorneys and commercialization consultants in order to successfully navigate the patent prosecution process and market your disclosed invention to investors and potential partners.


Step #4 On a case by case basis, the University may pursue a variety of strategies to commercialize an invention. These technology transfer strategies range from obtaining an exclusive or non-exclusive license to possibly developing a spin-out company around the invention. Remember, according to Howard University’s Intellectual Property Policy, University inventors will receive a significant percentage of all net revenues from the successful commercialization of University Intellectual Property.