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Howard University Galleries

Howard University owns hundreds of important pieces of fine art, artifacts, and documents of historical significance. You may purchase reproductions of these images, as prints or as specialty items.

DISCLAIMER: Because you are licensing (purchasing a reproduction of) a true original piece from Howard University’s precious works collection, there may be “white space” surrounding the reproduced image you receive. The white space is due to differences in the aspect ratio, the ratio of the width of the image to its height, between the true original piece (non-standard aspect ratio) and the reproduced piece (standard aspect ratio).

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At the Howard University Precious Works and Artifacts Online Store, you can purchase reproductions of various artwork to display in your home or office. Net proceeds from sales go to the maintenance of the individual collections at Howard University.

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Howard University Collections in Detail

James Porter - On a Cuban Bus

Howard University Gallery of Art

The Howard University Gallery Art holds hundreds of masterpieces in its various collections. The sample of the collection available for licensing and reproduction includes works by artists such as Aaron Douglas, Archibald Motley, Henry O. Tanner, L.P. Spinner, and others; all of which can be view in the short video on the left. In total, fifteen works are currently available.

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The Student

Moorland Spingarn Research Center

The Moorland Spingarn Research Center holds one of the largest collections of African and African-American historical documents in the United States. The sample of the collection available for licensing and reproduction includes historical photographs of Howard University, historically significant posters, an image of a priceless African ivory mask, and several other images. In total, twenty-one works are currently available.

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Howard University School of Divinity

The Howard University School of Divinity houses the Tweed Collection, one of the largest collections of Ethiopian art in the world, and is home to other pieces of mainly religious art. The sample of the collection that will be available for licensing and reproduction includes works by the contemporary Ethiopian artist Mereretu Wandie, the Byzantine Style artist Constantine Youssis, and several items from the Tweed Collection itself. In total, ten pieces are currently available.

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The Literary Estate of Grace Halsell

Howard University serves as the literary executor of the works of Grace Halsell.  Ms. Halsell was an investigatory journalist and author.  She was a pioneer of undercover journalism and documented her experiences in ten books:

Grace Halsell (1969). Soul Sister: The Journal of a White Woman Who Turned Herself Black and Went to Live and Work in Harlem and Mississippi - Halsell dyed her skin and lived as an African American woman during the Civil Rights Movement.

Grace Halsell (1971). Evers: A Biography of Charles Evers - A biography of Civil Rights Movement leader Charles Evers.

Grace Halsell (1972). Black-White Sex - A discussion of the relationship between racism and sexism in American society.

Grace Halsell (1973). Bessie Yellowhair - Halsell's return to undercover journalism, this time as a Navajo.

Grace Halsell (1976). Los Viejos - Halsell's study of centenarians.

Grace Halsell (1978). The Illegals - Halsell's third work of undercover journalism, documenting the experiences of illegal immigrants.

Grace Halsell (1981). Journey to Jerusalem - A document of Halsell's visit to Israel in the 1970's.

Grace Halsell (1986). Prophecy and Politics: The Secret Alliance Between Israel and the U.S. Christian Right - A discussion of Halsell's views on the influence of Israel on conservative American politics.

Grace Halsell (1996). In Their Shoes: A White Woman's Journey Living as a Black, Navajo, and Mexican Illegal - Halsell's autobiography.

Grace Halsell (1999). Forcing God's Hand: Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture—and Destruction of Planet Earth - A book documenting Halsell's concerns about the influence of Millennialism on American politics.

For information on obtaining rights to Ms. Halsell's life and works, please contact John Gloster at or call our office at (202) 806-2650.


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